Beach Clubs in and around St. Tropez


There are a number of great Beach Club in and around St. Tropez such as:


Polenisia Beach Club St Tropez

Polenisia Beach Club, nestled in front of Nikki Beach, is a beautiful oasis to have a great beach day out. Delightful little straw clad huts await a romantic lunch.

Nioulargo Beach Club St Tropez 

Nioulargo St Tropez Beach Club is located in the middle of Pampelonne Beach. With two kitchens, one classic french, and the other indo chinese you are really spoilt for choice

This Saint Tropez Beach Restaurant has two kitchens, one offering hearty Mediterranean food accompanied by delicious local wines. The oher Kialargo offers indo-chinese cuisine in a very special exotic surroundings. At the water's edge this St tropez Beach club offers beach beds, and large beachpillows so you can relax and watch the world go by.

Restaurant et Plage Nioulargo
Bd Patch
83350 Ramatuelle

Tél. 04 98 12 63 12
Fax. 04 94 79 90 42


Tahiti Beach Club 

Tahiti is probably the biggest of the St Tropez Beach Clubs on Pampelonne Beach in Ramatuelle. With a large pontoon, many of the large megayachts park up and head in for lunch at this very animated St Tropez Beach Restaurant.

Plage de Tahiti - 83350 RAMATUELLE - Côte d’Azur - France
Tél. +33 (0)4 94 97 18 02 - Fax +33 (0)4 94 54 86 66 - 


La Voile Rouge 

Like no other place on earth La Voile Rouge St Tropez Beach Club, born in 1968, turns from a relaxing St Tropez Beach Restaurant, into a champagne fuelled party playground before the afternoon sun has started to fall from its zenneth. Famous for beautiful naked women and hunky oiled-up men dancing on tables, this beach club sums up St Tropez Beach life; not to be missed.

Moorea Beach Restaurant St Tropez 

One of the beaches in St Tropez. Access is by boat, there is a navette sevice, or by the Chemin de Moulins by car. Large sprawling beach with tan beach beds, with an excellent apertizer menu; lots of tit bits (tapas style) to nibble at while you taste the local rose wine. The restaurant is set back fom the beach club and is covered by a gang of large umbrellas giving a real cozy feel. Beach Beds are 20 Euro dollas a pop, but a blissed out couple of hours soon forgets about that.

A classic, an institution, an address where loyalty counts... both on the part of its clientele and on the part of a team of “incorrigibly jovial Mediterraneans”! Authenticity and friendliness are not taken vainly here at Moorea Beach, where a distant island breeze cools the sand. The welcome, the menu, the charm, the boutiques, the beach, the beauty treatments, the physiotherapy and massages... true paradise

Moorea Plage
Route des plages
Chemin des Moulins 83350 RAMATUELLE
04 94 97 18 17


Millesim Beach Club 

Millesim Beach Club in St Tropez is grouped with the beach restaurants with the Tahiti turn off, closer to St Tropez than the other restaurants. This St Tropez Restaurant is open from 12pm-5pm and 7.30 pm to 11pm. There is a fantastic menu on show, and there is a cigar cave. Frank will lokk after you if you have a boat, using the Tahiti pontoon. Beach beds are 21 per day with umbrella.

Millesim Beach Club
Plage de Tahiti
04 94 97 20 99 

Crystal Beach Club St Tropez 

Crystal Beach Club is one of the latest St Tropez Beach to arrive on Pampelonne. Owned by Tahiti, it has become famous for its personal service and exquisite menu. The restaurant is made from white cozy benches which look out to sea, and lunch is served by a professional team. After lunch calm music floats over those taking advantage of soft mattresses on the polished sand.


Coco Beach Club 

Coco Beach is right in the middle of Pampelonne, and is a St tropez Beach Club popular with the gay community. Lots of fun and great dj's, a good procencale lunch awaits.

Key West St Tropez Beach Club 

Key West is a very popular beach in St Tropez with fantastic food being served day and night in July and August. Bliss out on the deep-wood modern decking with a delicious lunch served on white linnen kissed tables. Saint Tropez Beach Restaurant Key West has a beautiful beach so take advantage of crisp-clean mattresses and relax. If the weather is bad, which it never is, Key West has an leather clad inner restaurant which is fantastically cozy.

Patch Avenue, Pampelonne Beach 83350 Ramatuelle

Tel. 33 (0) 4 94 79 86 58 
Fax. 33 (0) 4 94 79 88 24


Nikki Beach Club Saint Tropez

White linen tables cloths flutter in the hot mediterranean breeze, as a chiseled French waiter approaches our table with a cork board full of fresh fish, living crab and lobsters. At the next table we see long legged blonds with expensive perfume smells dipping into a fanscinating selection of sushi and sashimi. Looking up toward the pool the DJ has started playing erotic house and half naked half jolly youngsters pulsate to the music as men start spraying champagne everywhere. Nikki Beach Saint Tropez Beach Club oozes of new money, beauty, eligance, class and style.


Tiki Club Beach Club 

Tiki Club is a new young fun St Tropez Beach Club. There is a DJ on the beach from 3pm-7pm, Happy Hour from 4.30pm to 6.30pm (6€ a good mohito,) an kitchen serving fresh fish all day long, and really friendly staff. You really feel like you are having a day at the beach when you get to Tiki Club. One of the only Saint Tropez beach clubs to offer accommodation. Tiki Club has the Kon Tiki right behind, with indonesian beach huts on the waterfront. Tiki Club specialises in beach weddings, and birthday parties.Beach beds are the probably the lowest on Pampelonne beach at 15€ with an umbrella, including service. Maxime is happy for you to eat in bed, and will run around for you getting you delicious snacks, and tastey cocktails. Why not come down from your Saint Tropez villa in patch or epi and come and join in the fun.



Club 55

Born in 1955, Club 55 is the original of the St Tropez Beach Clubs on Pampelonne Beach St Tropez in the South of France. Club 55 offers a perfect outside beach setting for lunch amongst the palm trees. The tables are simply dressed in white, and a fun bar in the corner welcomes drinkers to meet before dinner. Club 55 has many visitors by megayachts which hang in front of the lilac blue beach club teaming with people awaiting to watch the stars off their luxury yachts. There is two sittings for lunch, and the second sitting is better for a long relaxed lunch on Pampelonne Beach.




Les Palmier

It doesn't get the buzz of La Voile Rouge or youtube-documented champagne baths of Club 55, but Le Palmiers is one of the hottest and least known beach clubs along St. Tropez's Pampelonne Beach. Located just south of the beloved FKK enclave of rubenesque Germans, an all-white oasis is awash in tanning beds, tufted outdoor furniture and clubby restaurant seating. The crowd is a mostly-local, mostly-French collection of 20 and 30-somethings in linen beachwear and super-short swimsuits that reveal that orangey-glow of a true St. Tropez tan. The beach club is separated between a lounge of minimalist two-person loungers and central dining area with elaborate white-pottery and dramatic furnishings that mix 21st Century minimalism with Marie Antoinette styling.

The Food:
If summering in St. Tropez for more than a long weekend, this food-minded beach club away from the hustle of Nikki Beach and La Voile Rouge offers a sophisticated daytime social club mostly free of Platinum Card posing and Cristal showers. The menu is a revelation of classic seaside cuisine with daily specials making the most of Provence’s vast agricultural treasures. Appetizers begin with mixed seafood feasts including grilled or fried calamari, market-fresh salads and delicate carpaccios. Main courses include hearty beef and chicken dishes, signature pastas and grilled fish specialties of locally caught cod and various white fish


Chemin Epi
83350 Ramatuelle, Frankrijk
04 94 79 82 70